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Starfall is the first feature drama to be developed by 2LJ Productions.

It is a newly formed autonomous production house producing films that inspire living, enlighten the audience by representing a contemporary scenario and throws a challenge to the society.

starfall contest

starfall contest

2LJ Productions holds dramas that ran from historic epics to science fiction, contemporary dramas to action thrillers!

Starfall is a feature drama that deals with a mother struggling in a hostile world. The central plot is about destiny and how to prosecute it. The subject matter is daring and sheer. So, Starfall requires someone who is not afraid to be bold for the lead role Kendall – the protagonist.

Kendall – The Lead Role
2LJP is looking for a new kind of acting institutes in mumbai talent to play the lead role. She can be anyone – a new face or experienced, union or non-union, trained or without prior grooming.

Nevertheless, she must possess a striking passion for acting that should reflect her personality. So, Starfall Acting Contest is the best platform for all aspiring ladies across the US and Canada. This contest offers a golden opportunity to those talents, who otherwise might not be reached.

Kendall features a mother who is confident, dauntless and stunning. The power of her self-confidence must shine through her words and her gesture.

Contest Criteria
This competition is an open invitation for all 18+ ladies across the US and Canada.

All contestants need to do a self-recorded video of three monologues of Three Sisters, A Doll's House, and Miss Julie (mentioned on our Facebook Page) and click a headshot and a body shot.

To get a detailed guideline for the monologue videos, go through our Blogs and Instructions published on our website.

As you get all submission materials, you are ready to register at