Netra Trataka Kriya in Online Live Now :

An amazing Kriya called Netra Trataka kriya will be taught at Bharat Yoga Studio. Non-students can call for pricing for this one day Kriya.

Benefits of this kriya: .

    1. Helps attain complete sleep 
    2. Improves memory & Concentration
    3. Helps focus and concentration especially for children. One of our student rifle shooter has benefited with his concentration skills by performing this Kriya. 
    4. Helps in relieving migraine. 

How to do and When?
On October 17th, Navarathri starts. Just before the day, October 19th to November 19th 2020, Class will be starts at  6 to 7 am and 8 to 9 pm,  if this Kriya is performed you will see marvelous benefits.

  • Get everything ready by October 16th.
  • Your class will be on October 19th to November 19th 2020. Class will be starts at  6 to 7 am and 8 to 9 pmEveryone should be well prepared for Yoga Nidra, so you can continue with your regular sleep after Yoga Nidra. Plan to finish your meals by 6:30 pm. It comes once a year. Lets all benefit from this and everyone can participate. Please circulate this video to all those close to you.
  • It should be performed in a calm and not so bright room without any distractions. 
  • Place a clay lamp with a one wick and add cow ghee obtained from Ramdev baba. If cow ghee is not obtainable, you can use Sesame oil that has been freshly prepared. 
  • If more than one person is doing Tratak in one premises, each person should maintain one separate DIYA (Deepam).
  • Recommended to maintain distance.
  • Lamp should be North Face (Preferable)
  • Take care to keep a plain wall behind the Lamp.
  • Turn off the lights during Kriya session. 
  • You will need to sit on the floor in Pranayama position and place this lamp at the level of your nose by setting it on books or a stool for required height. It is a good idea to set this up prior to Kriya session to save time during the class. 
  • Put your devices away. Relax your brain and body to benefit from it.
  • Yoga Nidra improves memory and concentration especially in children.
  • Better to perform these at your home instead of Yoga Studio because you will not have to get up from the pleasant experience of Trataka Kriya & Yoga Nidra and drive back home. That will reduce the results. It’s a 1 hour class, but plan not to see any kind of light even from electronic devices.
  •  +91 8142 38 38 38 is the phone number to Bharat Yoga Studio if you wish to contact or you can also visit
  • For payment Gpay & Paytm No +91 988 565 1610


Tratak Kriya in Telugu ​

Tratak Kriya in Hindi