Pregnancy Yoga​

We in BHARAT YOGA STUDIO Care for your mental, emotional, and physical health during your pregnancy and beyond. This course is designed to empower and support your changing body with prenatal-specific yoga , meditations, mudras, lectures and pranayama.

Our yoga practice can be a key way to find balance amidst the physical and emotional changes experienced during your Pregnancy. This is a time to listen to your body and to stay healthy to set yourself up for the healthiest pregnancy, birth, and smooth recovery.

This Course embodies the whole journey of pregnancy. It speaks to the physical and physiological changes that occur and empowers you to feel confident while taking care of yourself during pregnancy. Modifications are provided for your practice as you evolve throughout your pregnancy journey.

It is so important to also tend to your mental wellbeing during your pregnancy. The included meditations will help you stay calm and grounded while on the rollercoaster ride of your pregnancy while providing you with time to connect to the being that is developing inside your Abdomen.

Through Yoga, Pranayama, and meditation, this Course will guide you through every stage of pregnancy while tapping into your natural intuition as a mother. This is not just a physical practice — it is one equally of the heart and soul. These classes will help keep your body healthy and strong as you prepare for labor, calm your emotions and relieve anxiety, and connect you to your baby and your body as you progress in your pregnancy towards birth. You’ll end each class feeling calm, confident, and courageous.

We will Support you throughout your pregnancy with this all-levels
prenatal yoga program. This program is broken into three sections—
2nd Trimester, 3rd Trimester and a Postnatal section.

In this Course, you will:

This Course Includes:

This is an ideal way to maintain optimal strength and flexibility as your baby grows and requires more of you day by day. You’ll not only get sequences you can also do from the comfort of your own home.

As you know in Mahabharat, when Subhadra was in pregnancy and listening to stories said by Arjuna  about Padmayvuham , when abhimanyu grew up ,these stories helped him to get access into the Pandmayvuham and he wasn’t even know how to .There are many more similar stories about Narada and Prahalada  , in the same way adding yoga practice and following good practices during your pregnancy makes the little one to develop and adopt moral and ethical values .

This Yoga Course is a safe and mindful way to create space in their body and prepare for the arrival of the little one. Book today and make this empowering experience a part of you and your baby’s journey together.