Arm Sagging

Strong and toned arms are a dream for many. Arms that you can swing and lift with confidence. But, is there a simpler way to tone those flabby arms?

Yes, there is. Yoga offers some simple asanas to get those well-toned arms.

For strong and toned arms, you have to devote some time every day towards exercise. 

  • Yoga asanas stretch, strengthen and tone the arms, getting them back to shape and in equal proportion.
  • Asanas exercise the arms and shoulders, keeping the rotation function active and healthy.
  • Yoga asanas help you achieve physical and mental equilibrium. You get to practice the art of balance with your arms.
  • The poses improve circulation of blood to the arms, ensuring that the cells are well nourished.

To begin with, you can practice these yoga asanas for toned and strong arms.